Drippy Eye

Drippy Eye

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Drippy Eye S1 ((Juicy fruit Thai x Snow Lotus) x star pupil)

Flower: 9 weeks [Photo]

THC: 30%

Yield: medium-high

Mostly indica 

7 Feminized seeds/ $90

MMS crossing its favorite phenotype Juicy Fruit Thai x Snow Lotus, bred by Bodhi Seeds, with Star Pupil to create this limited gem called Drippy Eye. It is named after a trippy song, but the name has a double meaning because the aroma on these plants is reminiscent of the smell when you walk into an elevator at a doctor’s office building. The flavor is that plus latex rubber, with floral sugar undertones, in the best way. Super gooey and drippy with resin! These plants grow easily and are surprisingly short and bushy, as well as quick flowering! A must-have for anyone interested in some totally unique hybrids unlike anything else on the market.

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