Galactic Pupil

Galactic Pupil

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Galactic Pupil (Black Hole Sun x Star Pupil)

Flower: 7-9 Weeks [Photo]

Medium Stretch, High Yield. 

THC: 24%+ and CBG content of 1.2% as well as abundant anthocyanin and antioxidants

7 Feminized seeds/ $90

Galactic Pupil is a new twist on some fan favorites! These plants have pungent terps of grape koolaid, vanilla, cream, gas, cinnamon ginger spice, and citrus mixtures, with an incredible bud to leaf ratio making it a high yield with easy trim! There's just a hint of many things in here: amnesia haze, kush, bubba, appalachia, peanut butter breath, chem... and then 50% pupil! Great for music and doing things! Lineage is Black Hole Sun x Star Pupil. The Black Hole Sun is my limited edition cross of (Black Triangle x Sunshine Daydream, Bodhi Seeds, Limited 55 Pack Release) x Anaphylaxis (MMS x ThugPug Collab, Peanut Butter Breath x Deadly Sativa) and was hunted by Temporal Trees. Expect high potency and overwhelming terpene intensity, have a new carbon filter handy if odor is an issue! The yield and quality of this genetic combination make it a keeper for any garden!

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