Marathon OG

Marathon OG

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MARATHON OG STRAIN (Marathon OG (clone only) x Wizard’s Apprentice)

75-85 days from sprout [Auto]

Sativa/Indica Hybrid

2-4 ounce average

5 Pack Fem/$80

Quite possibly the best OG autoflower ever created!!!

This project was the result of Darkhorse’s affinity for old-school OG flavors and effects, and Night Owl’s desire to bring more true OG genetics into auto format. Expect large plants that produce heavy branching that can require staking late in flower. They also stretch quite a bit, so be prepared! Flowers are dense and caked in resin that reeks of Earthy OG gas! You can almost feel the potency from the smell alone! She’s a heavy hitter and has become a new favorite smoke of ours. This project came out incredibly good and will become a building block in the Dark Owl stable for future OG auto lines as well. If you’re even slightly curious about a true OG auto you owe it to yourself to check these out! Thanks to @_stonedninja for gifting us the impeccable Marathon OG cut to work with.  It has been a pleasure and we are extremely proud of the results!

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