Queen's Banner

Queen's Banner

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Night Owl Seeds

Queen’s Banner (Cosmic Queen F4 S1 x Bruce Banner #3 Auto)

Harvest: 75-85 days from sprout [Auto]

70/30 Sativa/Indica

2-4 ounces average

3 Feminized seeds/$50 

Queen’s Banner is set to be another all-time great, combining two of my all-time favorite varieties into a new masterpiece!

Expect consistently large and ridiculously bushy/branchy plants. So much so that the branches themselves can sometimes look like individual plants once chopped! Budsites can be overly abundant, often necessitating heavy fab removal. She is an ideal candidate for all sorts of training and will reward you with a heavy harvest with or without it. Her buds will be swimming in sweet honeysuckle and strawberry oceans of resin, with some occasional OG/Sour Diesel funk thrown in the mix to keep you on your toes! Queen’s Banner will provide incredibly potent and uplifting Sativa effects followed by just the right amount of stoney-ness without being overwhelming or pulling you down. Another overall amazing Cosmic Queen cross for the Sativa fans out there!

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