2-Way Parallel Micro Dripper Stake Assembly 0.3 GPH Per Stake | 18", 24" 30" | Single Unit MICRO TUBE LENGTH 30"

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Product Description

Upgrade your plant irrigation system with the FloraFlex 2-Way Parallel Micro Dripper Stake Assembly. This single unit assembly is designed for precise and efficient watering of your plants. With a flow rate of 0.3 GPH per stake, it delivers water evenly to your plants for optimal growth. The assembly includes a ½ GPH emitter with a 2-Way Splitter, two pre-attached micro tubes to the splitter, and two torturous path micro tube stake drippers. Experience hassle-free installation and reliable performance with the pressure compensating emitter and self-cleaning lateral torturous path. Choose from 18", 24", or 30" tube length options to suit your specific plant setup.

Key Features

  • Efficient Watering: The 0.3 GPH flow rate per stake ensures precise and efficient watering for your plants.
  • 2-Way Splitter: The included 2-Way Splitter allows you to connect two micro tubes for parallel watering, providing enhanced coverage for your plants.
  • Pressure Compensating Emitter: The assembly features a pressure compensating emitter that maintains consistent water distribution, even with varying water pressure.
  • Self-Cleaning Lateral Path: The self-cleaning lateral torturous path design prevents clogging, ensuring reliable performance and hassle-free maintenance.
  • Recommended PSI Range: The FloraFlex 2-Way Parallel Micro Dripper Stake Assembly performs best with a recommended PSI between 25-35, with a maximum PSI of 50.
  • Easy Installation: The pre-attached micro tubes and stake drippers make installation quick and convenient.
  • Versatile Tube Length Options: Choose from 18", 24", or 30" tube lengths to accommodate different plant sizes and layouts.
  • Larger Quantity Option: If you need a larger quantity, consider the 2-Way Parallel Sprit Micro Tube Dripper Assemblies - 20 Packs.

Product Details

  • Product Name: FloraFlex 2-Way Parallel Micro Dripper Stake Assembly 0.3 GPH Per Stake
  • Tube Length Options: 18", 24", 30"
  • Emitter Type: ½ GPH with 2-Way Splitter
  • Pre-attached Components: 2x Micro Tube to 2-Way Splitter, 2x Torturous Path Micro Tube Stake Drippers
  • Recommended PSI: Between 15-50, optimal PSI between 25-35
  • Compatibility: Not compatible with Quick Disconnect Pipe Systems