5 Micron Filter Patch Mushroom Grow Bags

5 Micron Filter Patch Mushroom Grow Bags

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Dimensions 8" W x 19" H x 5" D
Thickness 2.2 ml; polypropylene
Filter 5 micron

These autoclavable mushroom grow bags are our go-to for indoor mushroom cultivation and spawn production. Bags are made of 2.2 ml thick polypropylene plastic and are designed to withstand high temperatures. The 5 micron filter also allows for ample gas exchange. These bags are durable and clear enough to make monitoring growth easy and can be sealed with an impulse sealer, or just be tied to the seal.

Recommended use (substrate/spawn):

  • Fill half way, then fold the bag over twice.
  • Make sure the filter is not obstructed.
  • Be careful not to spill any substrate on the upper regions of the bag. If you do, wipe clean.



Plastic grow bags are designed to withstand high temperatures during sterilization. However prolonged direct contact with the base of an autoclave or pressure cooker can result in damage to bags.

  • Never leave bags unattended in an autoclave or pressure cooker. 
  • Keep bags away from the metal sides of your equipment to avoid damage. 
  • Any sudden change in pressure will cause bags to rupture or burst. 
  • Always allow autoclave or pressure cooker to cool down and depressurize before opening to remove bags.