Blue Oyster Mushroom Straw Log (Living Mulch)

Blue Oyster Mushroom Straw Log (Living Mulch)

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Populated with lots of Fungal activity these Blue Oyster Mushroom Straw Logs have already been grown so you won't need to worry about buying a kit.

Notice: Over time the logs will start to get covered in green mold that is actually trichoderma if left inside the plastic. Some people prefer this and others want balance and will opt to open and mulch right away. It's all up to you!!! Trichoderma is aggresive and although very beneficial to soil growing it can also take over some of your other beneficials. Personally I'm going to use these without letting them sit for to long to make sure I have balance.

Our Oyster mushroom oat straw has been shredded, then pasteurized at 170 degrees F for one hour, which cleans it of any weed seeds or contaminants. This specific strain of Oyster mushroom thrives in a temperature range of 65-75 degrees F. As the mycelium primarily decomposes the straw, sugar and protein are made available to the soil web. Nematodes and top feeding roots will work together with the straw when used as a top dressing in pots or on any soil. Mycelium can work as an active composter on your top soil when kept moist, and remain active with in the soil network as a super-communicator improving overall soil health.

Useful Info 
Storage: Mushroom Straw Logs are essentially a living culture. For the mycelium to continue to survive within the straw logs, they need to be stored in a cool dark area, out of direct sunlight. Ideally between 65-75 degrees. Higher temperatures than that generally start to produce more trichoderma, and will take over the mycelium within the log over time. For some this is undesired. Even under the best environmental conditions, these logs will still eventually turn into trichoderma with enough time if they are un-used.

How to Use
Spread out onto your garden beds and/or growing containers as a high fungal living mulch. This mulch layer will help aid in the breakdown of delivery of all top dressings.

Leave in the bag for multiple months and the entirety of the log will turn to trichoderma, a genus of fungi that is present in all living soils.