Apple Cider Clone

Apple Cider Clone

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Apple Cider Clone

Apple Fritter X Pure Michigan

Apple Cider is an indica-dominant hybrid that mixes the crisp, fruity aroma of a ripe apple with the zesty floral fragrance of a large cherry. The flavors combines perfectly; fruity yet as calm as your favorite fall drink. This strain has a relaxing vibe; and a sense of full body calmness. While the parent strains of Apple Cider have not been released, it sure is fun to think what two strains mixed could result in perfection of both. The thick green buds feature yellow orange and purple hue’s amongst it; although the purple is towards the end of the plant the bud structure does show some purple hints with couple hues of light green / lime stripes peeking out of the base. Covering the nugs is a layer of trichomes that coat it in a layer of sparkle, with its potency being added on top of the sheer effort put into the mustard.

Apple Cider conjures the sumptuous scent of sweet and spicy apples, this auburn hybrid has a fragrance that keeps your senses begging for more. Apple Cider provides a flavor profile that smells of apple cider and is just as pleasing on the palate as it is on the nose. When you pull on your bong, you will experience a smoking sensation unlike anything you have ever felt before. The smoke from this smooth-hitting strain tastes of rich apples and spicy cinnamon, with notes of oak, fuel and a pervasive earthiness underneath. Smoking these buds, therefore, is almost a sensory experience, rather than a mere smoking session.

Some experience is likely needed to grow this strain, which can be grown both indoors and outdoors. The thick coat of trichomes on this plant are symbolic of its rich terpene profile, dominated by myrcene, caryophyllene and limonene that contributes to its sweet, spicy smell and calming effects. The best yields can be achieved when plants are well taken care of, regardless of the considerations involved in the optimal time for flowering and ideal growing conditions.

Rooted in 2" rockwool

Guaranteed pest and pathogen free!

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