AQUAvalve Silicone

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A replacement silicone for the AQUAvalve5.

AQUAvalve5 Silicones are Float-specific. Top and Bottom Float Silicones differ.

Choose AQUAvalve5 Bottom Float Silicones for AQUAvalve5 Bottom Float (larger silicone piece)

Choose AQUAvalve5 Top Float Silicones for AQUAvalve5 Top Float (smaller silicone piece)

Choose AQUAvalve4 Silicones for AQUAvalve4 and earlier models

The AQUAvalve silicones are inserted into the recesses in the top & bottom floats of the AQUAvalve.

They are produced in a bright colors for easy visibility. Color’s may vary from those depicted.