Automated 'Boomr Bin' + Substrates Monotub Kit

Automated 'Boomr Bin' + Substrates Monotub Kit

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The first fully automated monotub system!

Improve the quality and size of your mushroom grow with our beginner-friendly Automated Boomr Bin Monotub System. This self-contained, fully automated mushroom fruiting and incubation chamber gives you optimal control of humidity, CO2 levels, fresh air exchange, and spore filtration. And it's ideal for all skill levels, whether you're new to monotubs or a seasoned grower.

Automated monotub kit includes:

Substrate kit includes:


  • During the colonization phase, cover all monotub holes with self-adhesive filters to promote even gas exchange with protecting against contaminants, like foreign spores and bacteria.


  • Once monotub is fully colonized, remove the self-adhesive filters on one end of the lid to hook up the FAE Fan Mini and Myco-Mister Mini Humidifier with hose.
  • On the opposite end of the lid, cut a one-inch slice into the 2" filter and slide the Mycontroller Humidity Controller probe inside.
  • These additions will allow you to optimize fresh air exchange, CO2 levels, and humidity levels for the specific species you are growing.


    Boomr Bin features:

    • Recessed base for stacking multiple monotubs.
    • Food-grade materials FDA-approved for contact with consumables.
    • Compact durable design holds up to 25 pounds of substrate.
    • Latches attached to base to prevent lid from popping off when picking up.
    • Extra large latches with recessed grips for easy lifting and transport.
    • Large rounded corners for easy cleaning and fewer places for contaminants to hide.
    • Row of 1” holes placed lower in the lid to prevent fuzzy stems.
    • Black light-blocking base helps colonization and aids in preventing side pinning.
    • Modular design accepts automated fresh air and humidity systems.
    • Dimensions: 22”(W) x 15”(D) x 11”(H)

    "The Complete Boomr Bin Monotub Tek Guide"

    Spawn to bulk ratio:

    We recommended mixing 1 colonized grain spawn bag with 2-3 Boomr Bags. (Higher inoculation rates may improve your success.)

    Optional add-ons:

    Important notice:

    ⚠️ Using tap water with a high mineral content (aka "hard water") with any humidifier can cause a fine white dust build to up and/or to be emitted. To avoid this, use distilled or demineralized water. Or, add a demineralization cartridge to the water tank. (This can be done by removing the top cover and placing the cartridge inside.)