BioAg ION-14 Liquid Silicon & Humic/Fulvic Acids

BioAg ION-14 Liquid Silicon & Humic/Fulvic Acids

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Coverage: Soil Fertility: 16 fl oz - 4 gal/acre; Foliar General Fertility: 16 fl oz - 1 gal/acre
Liquid Volume: 32 Fluid Ounces
Mixing ratio: Soil/Soilless/Hydroponics, Compost Tea, Foliar Sprays, and Lawn & Garden: 1:100-1:300 dilution

About this item

  • 🌿 IMPROVES STRESS RESISTANCE: Helps protect plants from abiotic stress (i.e. heat, frost, wind).
  • 🌿 HIGHLY COMPATIBLE: Is compatible with most fertilizers & integrated pest management programs.
  • 🌿 IMPROVES PLANT GROWTH: Strengthens plants and increases health naturally.
  • 🌿 IMPROVES SOIL HEALTH: Humic Acids & Silica can improve the quality of the soil & nutrient uptake.
  • 🌿 EASY TO USE: Comes as a pre-filtered liquid, will not clog spray emitters / hydroponic systems.

Product Description

ION-14 L is a soluble liquid that provides plants with beneficial silicon and humic acid. It can be used through the entire life-cycle of the plant as a powerful nutrient activator and acts as an excellent food source for soil microbes.