Blumat Standard Pressure Reducer 1bar (15psi)

Blumat Standard Pressure Reducer 1bar (15psi)

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  • TRUE REDUCER - Not a mere flow controller, this brings water pressure down to 15 PSi (1 bar)!
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Screws onto standard hose thread (3/4" input), and ouputs to 8mm tubing!
  • ENDURING - Made from ABS plastic and designed with few points of failure, this is built to last!
  • BLUMAT-READY - Designed specifically for blumat watering systems and 8mm tubing, no tools necessary!
  • AUSTRIAN-ENGINEERED - This high-quality component is designed and manufactured by clever Austrians!


Blumat systems need low pressure, much less than comes from normal house water connections. The blumat Pressure Reducer allows for easy integration of a municipal (or otherwise pressurized line, such as from a well) water line into a blumat, blusoak, or easysoak watering system.

BEWARE IMPOSTERS! Many pressure reducers are not real pressure reducers at all, but are merely flow controllers, and reduce flow rates. However, reduced flow rates DO NOT necessarily correlate to reduced pressures. This is a true pressure reducer, and will reduce any incoming water (with a maximum pressure input of 87PSi) down to a 15PSi (1 bar) output. This is ideally suited and low enough for blumat systems and their components. Higher pressure will push tubing connections apart, and increase likelihood of flooding. This pressure reducer is extremely easy to use. The input side screws onto a standard 3/4" hose bibb or hose threading, often found on taps outside the home, or even faucets inside the home. The output side (featured with collar) is ideally suited for 8mm tubing (I suggest using our super-flex tubing). This is the size that integrates directly with tropf blumats. This adaptation makes setting up a blumat system from a hose or pressurized line an absolute breeze, and you can install your blumats in seconds.

Blumat systems need low pressure, much less than comes from normal house water connections. Some of our kits include one of these but if you'd like to install the other ones or the separate components to a home water system, you'll need one of these Pressure Reducers.

In gravity systems you'll also need one if your storage tank is high uphill. In Grow Rooms and Greenhouses with a reservoir for mixing nutrients, you can connect a small pressure pump to this and automatically feed your plants when you water. On one side it adapts to a 3/4" male hose thread and on the other directly to the Blumat 8 mm supply tube. Maximum input pressure is 87 psi.