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The BluSoak 2.0 when placed on the surface of soil or another growing medium ensures effective irrigation. This tape can be connected to Tropf Blumats and requires no electricity, batteries, timers or controllers.

Without electricity, batteries, timers or controllers; BluSoak 2.0 connected to a Tropf Blumat will assure automatic, even irrigation while minimizing water and nutrient use. It saves time, water, labor, and nutrients while increasing yields and plant health.

How it works:

In order to compromise between extreme performance and high cost, the BluSoak drip tape was introduced as a component to extend the watering ability and distribution of each Tropf Blumat sensor.

BluSoak drip tape finds a balance between the highest level of performance and the lowest costs possible. Water leaks out at an extremely slow rate which can almost completely stop water loss from evaporation if under a good mulch. Because the water goes so slowly, it goes deeper instead of horizontally away from the roots. And because it goes deeper, the roots go deeper giving the plants access to nutrients usually below their reach. It makes the plants stronger, more drought tolerant, and increases yields.

Due to its porous material the drip tape emits water at an extremely slow pace along its entire surface through billions of micropores. By placing the tubing on the ground alongside the plants, the drip tape slowly emits water into the soil that gradually is absorbed onto the root zone. Because moisture levels are kept at an optimal range, plant productivity and quality improve.

The BluSoak 2.0 is able to irrigate all different types of crops with different types of water demands.

This is a solution to gardens with high square footage and/or canopy space that want to utilize Blumat technology. BluSoak tape systems are ideal for garden beds, raised beds, and other large volumes of soil or growing media.

This can provide the ideal moisture levels and growing environments for high square footage and canopy spaces, greenhouses, traditional garden beds, living soil, and many unique cultivation challenges.

This method of combining Blumats with BluSoak 2.0 results in healthier, faster growing, and higher yield harvests due to its water efficiency by delivering water only when the plant requires it.