‘BoomRoom’ Automated Mushroom Martha Tent Grow Kit

‘BoomRoom’ Automated Mushroom Martha Tent Grow Kit

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Dimensions 63"(H) 27"(W) 19"(D)

Skip the DIY Martha tent and take your mushroom grow to the next level with BoomRoom, a self-contained, fully automated mushroom fruiting and incubation chamber that gives you better control of humidity, CO2 levels, fresh air exchange, and spore filtration. Growing mushrooms has never been easier!

Complete automated mushroom fruiting & incubation chamber

Our custom-designed Martha tent and mushroom grow rack were created specifically for mushroom cultivation, including 5 adjustable shelves (each with 20 lb. capacity), a lower half-shelf (to make room for a humidifier), and a large diameter hole in the tent (for FAE fan).

Designed for use with trays, fruiting blocks, jars, and kits, its compact design and flexible filtration options give you the ability to grow mushrooms just about anywhere -- your kitchen, garage, basement, closet, or even a spare bedroom. And with 5 adjustable racks and 17 cubic ft of space, BoomRoom allows you to grow up to 8x more mushrooms than a monotub. Start growing bigger flushes with confidence!

The BoomRoom Complete Kit includes:

  • (1) 5-rack shelving unit
  • (1) Clear zippered tent
  • (1) 'Spore Floor' rack base
  • (1) 'Myco Mister' ultrasonic humidifier
  • (1) Humidity controller w/ sensor
  • (1) FAE (Fresh Air Exchange) fan
  • (3) Re-usable FAE fan filters
  • (1) Flexible black ducting (8 ft.)
  • (2) Ducting clamps
  • (1) Detailed instruction manual