BuildASoil Beauveria Bassiana - Water Soluble

BuildASoil Beauveria Bassiana - Water Soluble

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BuildASoil BB-WS with active ingredient Beauveria bassiana, is a natural, symbiotic fungus that lives in the soil, roots, stems, and leaves. BB-WS grows with the plant!

BuildASoil BB-WS blends food grade and certified organic products with Beauveria bassiana. Many certifiers have determined compliance with organic standards. Contact your certifier to add BB-WS to your plan.

BuildASoil Beauveria Bassiana:

Active Ingredient: Beauveria bassiana 1.1%

SPE150 (omri listed wetting agent/yucca extract) 8%

Carrier: Organic Soyben Oil  90.9%

Plant Isolate - THIS IS NOT HF23 - We offer a multiple strain mixture all isolated from plants. (Beans) 

Activity includes:

  • Stimulation of immune system
  • Restricts plant pathogens from entering the plant
  • Interacts with plant to produce additive biochemicals
  • Combines plant resistance to insect feeders for reducing population threat
  • Naturally occurs in soil but has been killed off by fungicides and tillage

Directions for use:
Garden: 1/2 - 1ml per gallon water
Potting Soil: 1ml Per Cubic Yard
Acreage: 1 ounce per acre
Apply as foliar spray or soil drench