BuildASoil Mineral Kit - (For Peatmoss))

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This Mineral Kit is compatible with making a NEW batch of soil using Canadian Sphagnum Peatmoss.

Peatmoss is acidic and this mineral mix will help balance PH. If you are Re-Amending or are working with Coconut Coir check out our other Mineral Mixes.

If you intend on using sphagnum peat moss then this kit is perfect for you. With the low PH of peat moss this kit comes with oyster flour to add lots of calcium and also help raise the ph to proper levels.

Mineral Kit Includes:

(Use at 4 Cups Per Cubic foot of soil or about 1/2 Cup per gallon of soil)

1. BuildASoil Basalt - Our Favorite Rock Dust for trace minerals. Highly paramagnetic.

2. Gypsum Dust - Calcium and Sulfur

3. Oyster Shell Flour - Calcium Carbonate - Adds available calcium and limes the Peat moss.