Resin Seeds Cannatonic

Resin Seeds Cannatonic

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Resin Seeds

Cannatonic (Reina Madre x NYC Diesel) 

Flower: 10-12 [Photo]

CBD Hybrid  Sativa/Indica:50/50

Height: 50-70 inches

Yield Indoor: 500 gr per m2

5 feminized seeds/ $60

Chances are you are already familiar with our famed CBD Queen, Cannatonic. If not, we stand by our claim that this strain is the most complex and valuable MMJ strain available today. Why? Simply, because Cannatonic is the strain responsible for the CBD movement. We believe it is the single most effective CBD strain available today, while also a fine exemplar of a cannabis sativa plant, with beautiful frosty and aromatic buds, never before seen carrying such massive amounts of Cannabidiol. This strain is responsible for more awards and acclaim as a strain than any other cannabis cultivar out there. Growers who understand this plant's true potential will make all efforts to ensure this plant stays in their collection.

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