Cannatrol Cool Cure

Cannatrol Cool Cure

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Cannatrol Cool Cure

The Cannatrol™ Cool Cure assures a terrific aesthetic result with superior organoleptic properties and keeps the harvest free of pests and mold.  After putting so much care into the grow process – you’re only half way there.

It is critical to assure flowers are dried, cured and stored in a clean, correct environment.

Cannatrol Systems takes the guess work, the myths and the ‘broscience’ out of  the post harvest process.  The Cool Cure is designed to consistently deliver the perfect drying, curing and storage conditions for your harvest. This environmental equilibrium protects and preserves terpenes and potency. Buds will remain sticky, supple and tasty for months and months.

The Cannatrol Cool Cure is not intended for use with food products.

Each Cool Cure comes with:

6 shelves
Water cup and sponge

2 Keys