Resin Seeds CBD Medtonic

Resin Seeds CBD Medtonic

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(NYD x Cannatonic)
Flowering: Interior 8-9 weeks / Exterior October [Photo]

Yield: Above average

5 Feminized Seeds/ $60 

Medtonic is our newest member to the CBD rich family. 1:1 Ratio. Medtonic has a 8-9 week flowering time and a 400-500gr pr m2 with a 600w set up. She is a quite easy plant to grow and is also very resistant against fungus and powdery mildew.

With medtonic you will get nice looking buds with a hint of both the distinct smell of New York Diesel and the aromatic Cannatonic, a perfect combination. She has a sweet citrus mandarin flavour and will keep you smiling for a long time.

Tips: Medtonic, like Cannatonic, like to have the lights higher than average above them and give bigger yields this way. For a 600w lamp the distance should be 1 m from top of plant to the bulb.

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