Chick Magnet

Chick Magnet

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Putang x Swabi Pakistani Heirloom

Flower: 9 weeks [Photo]

7 feminized seeds per pack/ $90

Plants do best with multiple toppings and a short veg time. They do most of their growth in the stretch period, 3-4 first weeks of flower where they can easily go from one foot tall at flip to 4-5 feet tall with full branching and very high yields; fat buds that love lots of light! Save major time in veg, this is an easy and quick grow! Carbon filters are a huge necessity as always, these terpenes have a sharp tendency to cut through nearly everything else. Some phenotypes will have rare trichomes with pink/purple stalks or heads, which comes from the Star Pupil grandparent! Effects are best at 5-10% amber, mostly cloudy trichomes, typically 9 weeks in bloom.

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