Mass Medical Strains Chupil

Mass Medical Strains Chupil

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Chupil (UK Cheese S1 (CSI) x Star Pupil) 

Flower: 9 weeks [[Photo]


Yield: Low stretch, high yield

75% sativa

Terpenes: Myrcene followed by

Linalool, Limonene, Caryophylenne, 

Humulene, Pinene Bisabolol.

7 Feminized seeds

Bringing back one of my first ever Pupil fem hybrids! Originally released for free in 2016 to celebrate legalization of cannabis in Massachusetts. A cross of UK Cheese S1 x Star Pupil. This new edition uses a freshly selected UK Cheese S1 which was extraordinarily similar to the one I used in ’16, both are nearly identical to the original UK Cheese clone. This is a short and bushy plant, more on the indica side of the spectrum compared to my usual work. Most plants have a sweet, cheesy, nutty, plus candy pupily flavor combo, with some rare phenos expressing a bizarre solvent minty fuel thing going on. Lots of resin, buds vary from green to purple. Plants can flower as fast as seven weeks, but most will go 8-9 weeks.

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