Colombian Prophet

Colombian Prophet

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Well Grown Seeds

Tony Profit 1&2 x (Colombian D x i95 D)

6 Feminized seeds per pack [Photo]

Colombian Prophet boasts above average yields, beautiful fades, and impressively shiny bright green flowers. Tony Profit is one of our original strains combining Jamaican Dreamz x Putang. The 2 female cuts used in this cross represent the 2 main genotypes found in Tony Profit and we’re hunted by our friend DrDank. One green with giant yields and a curious OG+ funk, and a shorter purple cultivar with more dense flowers and impressive frost with a slightly different funk with added sweetness to it.

The reversed COLD (Colombian D x i95 D) cut used to make pollen for this cross came from an F2 project of a Wave Genetics creation we did years ago, the cut is known as Buds Cut and was hunted by our friend BuddingGardeners. This cut has proven to be a winner on all levels and has been grown in many gardens. The Chem/Haze combination boasts way above average yields and an impressively complex terp profile that coats the mouth and carry’s well in the air

Colombian Prophet delivers all of these tastes and smells in varying degrees between cultivars.

Stretch in early flower is about double, internodes between flower sites is medium, and flowering takes between 8-9 weeks. Fades can include reddish/yellow/orange combinations or some fade to s deep purple and red color scheme.

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