Dragon Flame Genetics Dragon's Garlic Breath

Dragon Flame Genetics Dragon's Garlic Breath

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Dragon’s Garlic Breath (Garlic Breath x Dragons Hashplant)

Flower: 8-10 weeks [Photo]

Indica/Sativa hybrid  

Yield: high

Terps: Sweet Garlic & Raunchy /Acrid Garlic

Regular seeds

11 seeds per pack/$100

The Dragons Garlic Breath is a powerhouse line, with beautiful heavy buds dripping in pungent, garlic terpenes. This line is easy going, heavy yielding, and has excellent mold and mildew resistance.  Some phenotypes also go red, purple, and blue, and fade out to stunning autumn colors. The Dragons Hashplant side also makes this an ideal strain for hash and extracts.

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