Mass Medical Strains Drama Queen

Mass Medical Strains Drama Queen

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Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks [Photo]

Type: Hybrid
Yield: High
13 Regular Seeds/ $80

A larger yielding hybridized version of Rick's Pupil with green and purple phenotypes to find. Our PT9 male gave great traits while letting the best of the Rick's shine through in effects and flavors, while becoming a bit more potent from the Prayer Tower genetics as well.

Today's drop is a very special one! This is a strain I created in 2018/19, crossing my infamous Rick's Pupil and the epic male Prayer Tower Sativa (also responsible for some hits like Prayer Pupil, Prayer Glue, Deadly Sativa).

They are simply too good to stay in storage, they need to be grown out! Some of my friends have already grown these (and I gave some out as limited freebies in 2019) and it is one of my best regular crosses from this era! The PT male really brings amazing potency, yield, and high, while the Rick's Pupil also contributes to the unique chemical purp flavor that the Rick's is known for. Rick's Pupil got a bit of a cult following as she is so special, and I can assure you the Drama Queen is even better!

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