Garlic Stash #21

Garlic Stash #21

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Garlic Stash #21 (Garlic Breath x Dragons Stash F2)

Flower: 8-10 weeks [Photo]

Indica/Sativa hybrid 

Yield: High

Terp profile: Garlic, skunky, raunchy

Regular seeds

11 seeds per pack/$100

The garlic stash is a line that hits all the boxes, and is sure to impress.  She possesses extreme smells, and is in no way subtle.  Garlic raunchy, Skunky sour rot.  Some go a Sickly Sweet Garlic as well. Intense bag appeal and will impress even the pickiest of smokers. Yields well, with string of pearl structure with hardball nuggets of fire.  

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