Cannomic Labs GERMINATOR Solution

Cannomic Labs GERMINATOR Solution

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Introducing: GERMINATOR Solution from Cannomic Labs!



Do you want to grow your own plants from seed but find it too difficult or time-consuming? Do you want to boost your seed’s metabolism and growth with a natural and safe solution? If you answered yes, then you need the GERMINATOR Solution!

The GERMINATOR Solution is a revolutionary product that enhances the germination process of any seed. It contains an all natural protein and other organic ingredients that provide optimal hydration, oxygenation and nutrition for your seeds. It works by kick-starting the seeds own germination pathways, giving even the oldest seeds a chance!

The GERMINATOR Solution is easy to use: just soak your seeds in it for 72 hours or until they sprout a taproot. Then plant them in your preferred potting mix or soilless media. You will be amazed by how quickly and evenly your seeds will germinate and grow into healthy plants.

The GERMINATOR Solution works with any kind of seed: flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruits, etc. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor gardening. It is eco-friendly and non-toxic. It comes in a convenient bottle that can treat up to 1000’s seeds.

Don’t wait any longer! Order your GERMINATOR Solution today and enjoy the benefits of growing your own plants from seed!



Q: How long does it take for the seeds to germinate?

A: It depends on the type of seed, but generally it takes between 1 to 3 days for most seeds to sprout a taproot after soaking them in the GERMINATOR Solution.