Girl Crush F2

Girl Crush F2

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Girl Crush F2 (Biscotti x Bad Girl)

Hybrid [Photo]

Filial Generation: F2

Phenotypic Variation: Low

Indoor Flower Time: 64-74 days

Outdoor Harvest Date: Mid Oct

Trellising Requirements:  Average

Height/Stretch: Average to above average

Yield (per sf): Average

Color: Purple and Magenta

Nose:  Gas, licorice, kerosene, fennel, fresh skunk spray

6 Feminized Seeds/$70

In many ways, Girl Crush is the perfect plant to grow.  She’s a great plant to grow with the SCROG method to create a dense, high-yielding canopy. Outdoor, she is healthy and vigorous but won’t get completely unruly.  Let her get cold and you’ll get some beautiful deep purple color.  Like her mother Bad Girl, Girl Crush is one of the most gorgeous plants in the garden; the perfect union of bag appeal, potency and terpenes.  This cultivar has become an absolute fan favorite.

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