Mass Medical Strains Ketchup Haze

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Ketchup Haze is a true "exotic" meaning that it's out of this world, different than anything you've experienced before, and a total show stopper! This strain combines the rare Dr. Grinspoon with my Star Pupil mother to bring you a ridiculously frosty plant with an unexpected twist: ketchup and tomato flavors mixed with haze! What?! It's better than it sounds, trust me. This strain has immense bag appeal and great yield, the flowers are totally sparkling with trichomes and are super impressive. This sativa dominant hybrid is tame enough for even a beginner grower and will produce a lot of high quality flower to enjoy for months to come. A long shelf life that gets better and better in the cure. Expect uplifting effects that are lead by the Grinspoon's famous character, and intensified by the Pupil's breeding synergy. The grinspoon itself was light and floaty, energetic and happy. Once combined with the Pupil it became a heavy hitting blissful experience that checks all our boxes. Flower time 8-11 weeks depending on phenotype and preference. You've never had weed like this before!