Mammoth Starter Plugs

Mammoth Starter Plugs

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MAMMOTH® Starter Plugs provide a 50/50 mix of coco coir and sphagnum peat moss, along with excellent moisture and aeration for all media applications.



Directions for Use

  • Place your seeds or cuttings into the predrilled hole at the top of your Mammoth Starter Plug
    • Do not plant your seeds/cuttings too deep as to provide the most media for root development
  • For seeds, keep your trays in warm, dark place to optimize germination rate
    • Be sure to never reach temperatures of 90°F/32°C or above to prevent seed dormancy.
  • Monitor the moisure in your Mammoth Starter Plug.
    • You will want your plug to remain damp but not soaking. Your Starter Plug will not retain any more water than needed for root development.
  • Once you have visible root growth, you may transplant.