Mass Medical Strains Watermelon Chem

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Mass Medical Strains 

Watermelon Chem

Chem 91 clone x Watermelon Hashplant

13 Regular seeds per pack 

11-12 week flowering time 

New combinations can create new beginnings, and this F1 regular seed cross from Mass Medical Strains has achieved just that. The legendary Chem 91 clone brings, power, terps, and a shorter flower time. The Watermelon Hashplant brings rare terps and an entourage creating all new possibilities. 

These cool beans bring large yields and strong terps. From the Atlantic to the Pacific this cross brings the attitude! If you want your seeds here now order from Well Grown Seeds and we will send em out asap! Luscious seeds make for insane plants! 

This cross could be worked into multiple generations and many different unique plants could be bred from this F1 generation.