Mass Medical Strains Bubba Pupil

Mass Medical Strains Bubba Pupil

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Mass Medical Strains
Bubba Pupil - Pre 98 Bubba Kush x Star Pupil

7 feminized seeds

Bubba Pupil is our best heavy indica pupil cross. She will glue a smile to your face instantly! This strain takes the best traits of both parents, with the warm cozy body blanketed feel of the Bubba Kush, combined with the extremely positive, uplifted, happy, trippy mindset from the Star Pupil! A perfect mix of super clean head high, fuzzy body, and gently psychedelic trippy high vibes, coated in ultimate positivity and happiness! Expect extreme potency and high yield of delicious flowers with sweet bubba chocolatey coffee and pupil funk mixed right together for a beautiful expression of combinations of both parents. Copious trichome production and powerful aroma and flavor. 

Flavor: Coffee, chocolate, pupil funk, sweet, spice, purp, moth balls, intense.

Flower Time: 7-9 weeks

Yield: High

Structure: Vigorous, bushy

Thc: 28%