Mass Metal Halide 1000 Watt Bulb

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Mass Metal Halide

Bring the spectrum of the sun indoors!

Mass Metal Halide is your full spectrum light source for highest quality flowering (and full growth cycle) indoors! One of the most powerful MH bulbs ever, with brighter output and a superior light spectrum. Designed to bring out the best in your plants during the flower cycle, increasing quality and even yield in many varieties! It’s a myth that you need HPS for flower, and our MH bulb will show you! Our bright white light is very similar to natural sunlight and has been shown to produce cannabinoids and terpenes that other indoor light sources don’t produce. Many growers notice huge improvements compared to LEDs, We have much better full range UV and IR, and a great color balance of efficient visible light. It’s easier to keep plants healthy with our light spectrum under a wider range of temperatures, so you can relax and enjoy your garden. The quality of flowers produced under Metal Halide is so incredible that I wanted to keep this technology going and try to deliver the best bulb possible!

For flowering, a 400w can cover up to a 3x3, 600w can cover up to a 4x4 and a 1000w can cover up to a 5x5. For vegging, they can cover even larger areas.

To use our light, you’ll need a ballast and a hood/reflector. The ballast wattage must be matched to your bulb wattage, do NOT dim a metal halide bulb, even if your ballast has a dimming option. Please purchase the appropriate wattage for your space. We recommend the use of a PAR meter to get the exact proper light levels throughout your garden, as each reflector spreads light differently. The use of a PAR Meter is essential for large yields under MH. A rough estimate is 14-18 inches away from 600w and 24-30 inches away from 1000w. With air cooled hoods you can also get even closer! Our bulb is Enclosed Rated, so we recommend the iPower air cooled or cool tube hoods which can be connected directly to your exhaust duct. We recommend the Quantum ballast, which is available in both 600 and 1000 watts.

Please follow all safety precautions on the box and on our website. Our bulb is very safe when used properly! When installing, wear a clean glove: do not touch the bulb with your fingers, wipe clean with dry cloth if you do! Avoid spraying any liquids near the bulb. Oils from your fingers or liquids from sprays can heat up and explode the glass, so keep it clean. Enclosed hoods provide additional protection.

We have a website full of information to help you understand our light on a deeper level, and get the best out of your grow on your very first round! Take some time to read our site, and have a great grow!