Matrix Pad | 9" - 10.5"

Matrix Pad | 9" - 10.5"

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Product Description

Upgrade your plant care routine with the FloraFlex Matrix Pad, a lightweight and innovative Non-Woven Capillary Mat. Placed between the Matrix and the growing medium, this revolutionary pad transforms traditional watering methods. Unlike conventional capillary pads positioned underneath plants, the FloraFlex Matrix Pad absorbs water and efficiently wicks it to the top of the medium, ensuring uniform delivery of water and nutrients. Elevate your gardening game with the FloraFlex Matrix Pad today.

Key Features

  • Top Feeding Wicking System: The FloraFlex Matrix Pad is an integral part of the patent-pending Matrix System, representing a cutting-edge Top Feeding Wicking System. This groundbreaking system offers the most effective and even method to deliver water and nutrients to your plants, resulting in unparalleled growth and vitality.

  • Customized Sizing Options: Tailor-made for your specific needs, the Matrix Pad is available in various sizes. Select the Matrix Pad that corresponds to your pot's diameter from the following options:

    • 7.5”-9”
    • 9”-10.5″
    • 10.5”-12”
    • 12.5”-14.5”
    • 15.5”-18”
  • Easy Installation: Effortlessly set up the FloraFlex Matrix Pad to enjoy its benefits. Simply place the pad on the surface of your plant, position the Matrix Unit on top, press down to secure them together. Next, fit the Circulator into the center holes, and connect your 1/4” OD tubing to the Circulator. Your plants are now ready to experience the advantages of the Top Feeding Wicking System.

Product Details

  • Product Type: Non-Woven Capillary Mat
  • Product Barcode: [Barcode]


  • Size: 9" - 10.5"
  • Conversion: Approximately 22.86 cm - 26.67 cm