Mustard Seed Meal

Mustard Seed Meal

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BuildASoil's Favorite Mustard Seed Meal Fertilizer is approved for organic production. Their fertilizer is rich in natural plant nutrients and amino acids. Its formulation is 100% plant-derived allowing for a unique organic composition that selects for beneficial microbes in the soil. This, coupled with its highly bioavailable nutrient profile drastically improves crop nutrient uptake and therefore overall crop performance. There are no additives or preservatives used during manufacturing. This creates a unique, high-quality product that goes unmatched in the marketplace.


  • Fertilizer (NPK 4.50-1.50-1.15)
  • Sourced from non-GMO seed
  • Great source of organic material in your garden
  • Easy to use and safe to handle
  • Suitable for conventional and organic farms and gardens
  • Enhanced soil biology
  • High in Sinigrin Glucosinolate

Powder Or Pellets?

We plan on using Pellets for soil mixing and powder anytime even coverage is needed across the soil surface. Read more about the powder vs pellets below. 


  • Can be harmful to young seedlings, be careful.
  • Worms will move away from mustard meal when top dressed and if they can't move away it will be toxic to them.
  • This stuff is potent and we are still learning, so proceed with caution if you are going to go hard.