Jay Plantspeaker's Quillaja Saponaria Extract Powder

Jay Plantspeaker's Quillaja Saponaria Extract Powder

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Speak your plant's language! BuildASoil proudly welcomes the famous Jay Plantspeaker to our LEGEND SERIES to help you communicate with your plants in a truly meaningful way. Maybe your plants won't speak back, but they will show you they are happy. Using saponins found in Quillaja Extract Powder for your garden is an absolute game changer. This natural wetting agent makes water 'wetter' and foamy allowing for even spread. Made from the organic Quillaja (Q-Ya-Ha) Saponaria Tree, we can't speak highly enough of this plant extracted source of Saponins.

How To Use:

1/8 teaspoon per gallon water- Soil Drench/Foliar Spray

1/8 cup per 50 gallons water - Soil Drench/Foliar Spray

Mix with your favorite products to help them mix and apply better via root drench or foliar spray. Safe to use in every watering.

1 Kilogram will make roughly 2,000 gallons of saponified water.