Advanced Nutrients OG Organics™ Big Bud®

Advanced Nutrients OG Organics™ Big Bud®

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OG Organics Big Bud® — Discover The No. 1 Organic Method For Potent, Swelling Bud 

For more than two decades, growers have been turning to Big Bud to yield hefty gardens packed with flower…

Because its 20 natural bioavailable amino acids make it easier than ever to harvest fat, glistening high-quality buds…

Ones that command top dollar and attract even the most discerning customers.

In fact, there’s such an overwhelming demand for Big Bud, it’s one of the first products we prioritize for stores when ramping up production of our nutrients.

So of course, we could rest on our laurels…

And keep singing the praises of our #1-Selling Additive.

But that’s not the kind of company we are.

The spirit of innovation is embedded in our DNA.

It’s why we were awarded one of the first three government-issued licenses in the world to grow these powerfully healing plants for research purposes

And it’s why stopping at “good enough” is NEVER an option for us.

Instead, we invest in developing solutions for every grower in our community…


Including Those of You Who Choose to Grow Organic


Now, there are plenty of benefits to choosing an organic fertilizer.

And if you’ve made the decision to do so, you deserve access to premium nutrients that work just as well as their non-organic counterparts…

WithOUT introducing the all-too-common problems organic growers encounter.

But unfortunately…

Many products claim to be organic…

But they haven’t actually received the certifications that prove they’ve met the standards for organic cultivation.

Not only that…

Other organic fertilizers can interfere with your goals for rapid, abundant growth.

For starters, they often take longer to absorb than conventional choices.


And If You Ran into Common Problems, You May . . . 


  1. Have had to feed your plants more nutrients, increasing the amount you spend on your fertilizer
  2. Noticed it takes longer for your plants to hit and sustain their peak performance
  3. Have had trouble spotting nutrient deficiencies without knowing whether they’ll resolve on their own

Now, does that mean you should forget about growing organic altogether?

Absolutely not.

It just means you need organic nutrients that represent the peak of scientific evolution, while still preserving the intrinsic benefits of your preferred growing method.

And it’s why countless organic growers turn to…


OG Organics Big Bud®!


Because it helps them yield a lush canopy of swelling flowers…

While resting assured they’re feeding their plants fully organic ingredients.

In fact, OG Organics Big Bud has received both CDFA-OIM and OMRI certification

Making it the go-to option for growers who want to be 100% certain their fertilizer is compatible with organic cultivation.

And when you put the power of this bloom booster to work in your garden, you’ll…

  • Produce a bountiful harvest with huge, dense flowers
  • Maximize bud bulk with an optimal 2:1 PK ratio
  • Supply a rich assortment of bioavailable amino acids to achieve optimal conditions for your plants



And That’s Not All…



You’ll also deliver chelated secondary micronutrients that promote maximum nutrient absorption, making your organic formula just as efficient as its synthetic counterparts.

These include…

  • Calcium lignosulfoinate, a naturally complexed form of calcium
  • An iron amino acid complex
  • Magnesium
  • Sulfur

All of which help to support the peak performance you want your plants to achieve through a champion bloom phase.

Imagine how amazing it’ll feel when your friends first witness an abundant harvest packed from top to bottom with swelling flowers…

And the shock on their faces when you tell them you grew these plants with nothing but organic fertilizer.

THAT’s the kind of pleasant surprise that’s waiting for you when you feed your crops OG Organics Big Bud.

Don’t wait to discover the perfect marriage behind natural ingredients and next-generation technology.