Twenty/20 Mendocino Ogreberry

Twenty/20 Mendocino Ogreberry

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Ogreberry (Ogreberry King Band)

Indica Dominant [Auto]

Filial Generation: (F4)

PVI (Phenotypic Variation Index): Very low to low.

First sign of flower in days: 23-28 days

Total life cycle in days: 78-88 days

Height: below average to average

Yield Index (per sf): above average

Aroma/Nose: Fruity, gym socks, overripe strawberries, grapes, raspberries.

6 Feminized Seeds

Almost a perfect replica of our long-time favorite local Mendo variety called Ogre Berry King Band. The buds get large and have an indescribable melange of aromas akin to a long forgotten bowl of fruit salad left in a trunk after a long weekend.

She's fast, chunky, potent, easy to grow and has shown great potential for formidable returns in hash production. Ogreberry Descends from one of our favorite local heirloom photoperiod cultivars called Ogre Berry King Band bred by our very good friends and legacy growers Happy Day Farms.

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