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Product Description

Upgrade your FloraFlex PotPro™ Platform with the FloraFlex POTPRO™ | PLATFORM FITTING - ELBOW. This fitting is a vital component of the PotPro™ 16/17mm tubing drainage system, providing a seamless and efficient connection between the platform and the tubing. Made from Lead Free TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber), this elbow fitting ensures durability, reliability, and safe gardening practices.

Key Features

  • Seamless Connection: The FloraFlex POTPRO™ | PLATFORM FITTING - ELBOW offers a seamless connection between the FloraFlex PotPro™ Platform and the 16/17mm tubing drainage system, enabling efficient water flow and preventing leaks or disruptions.

  • Easy Installation: Installing the elbow fitting is quick and straightforward. Simply attach it to the PotPro™ Platform and connect it to the tubing, ensuring a secure and reliable connection for your drainage system.

  • Lead Free TPR Material: Crafted from Lead Free TPR, this fitting prioritizes safety and environmental responsibility. It provides a safe and reliable solution for your gardening needs.

  • Compatibility: The POTPRO™ | PLATFORM FITTING - ELBOW is designed specifically for use with the FloraFlex PotPro™ Platform and the PotPro™ 16/17mm tubing drainage system, ensuring optimal compatibility and performance.

Product Details

  • Product Type: Platform Fitting - Elbow (Single Unit)
  • Material: Lead Free TPR