Pre-inoculated Mushroom Grow Bags

Pre-inoculated Mushroom Grow Bags

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Watch the magic happen before your eyes!

These Pre-inoculated Mushroom Grow Bags are 90%-100% colonized! If they're 90% colonized then leave in total darkness at room temperature for another 1-2 weeks until 100% colonized. Once 100% colonized simply add indirect light and watch your mushrooms begin to develop! 

Once your mushrooms have matured and the veil has started to break its time to harvest!

To harvest - cut open the bag above the filter patch and harvest your mushrooms. 

Rehydrate your mycelium block with RO, distilled or spring water and reseal your bag after harvest for multiple flushes!

Temperatures above 85 and below 55 can hinder mushroom growth and development. Staying the the 60's/70's promotes ideal mycelium development and fruiting conditions for most strains.