Pre-Poured Sterile Agar Plates for Mushroom Cultures

Pre-Poured Sterile Agar Plates for Mushroom Cultures

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Dimensions 90 mm x 15 mm
Autoclavable? No

These pre-poured sterile agar petri dishes are ideal for growing out fungal cultures, cloning wild mushroom specimens, and germinating fungal spores. Each dish contains pre-sterilized potato dextrose agar (PDA) or malt extract agar (MEA).

Pre-poured agar plates offer many benefits over pouring your own dishes. In addition to convenience, they are also less likely to contaminate your cultures because they are poured in a lab under an industrial-grade flow hood.

Storing unused plates:

For best results, use plates as soon as possible after receiving them. Store unused plates upright, at room temperature, and away from direct sunlight in the original packaging, preferably in a clean secondary container. (Unused plates can be stored upside down in the fridge. However, this can lead to condensation on the lid which can increase contamination risk.)

Storing plates with cultures:

Once cultures are added to plates, store them right side up in the refrigerator.