Mass Medical Strains Purple Kernel Haze

Mass Medical Strains Purple Kernel Haze

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Purple Kernel Haze - (Kernel PuTang x Star Pupil)

Flower Time: 8-10 weeks [Photo]

Yield: High

Height: Medium-Tall (2-3x Stretch)

Flavor: Haze, Lacquer, Lemon, Citrus, Solvent, Pupil Funk, Purp, some Orange. Extremely tasty in a joint.

Effect: Uplifting, energetic, creative, racy, happy, medicated glow!

7 Feminized Seeds

Our 4th #YearoftheHaze release, Purple Kernel Haze is a more dense and purple version of the extremely popular and elusive Kernel PuTang! A collaboration with WellGrownSeeds, Kernel PuTang puts the Kernel Haze with PuTang for an ultra sativa haze experience with modern flowering times. The Purple Kernel goes even faster, crossing Kernel PuTang all the way back to one of its grandparents, the Star Pupil. This gives denser large buds and faster bloom time, plus a deeper consistent purple. Amazing juicy citrusy hazy aromas, sometimes with pupil funk and orange skunk hule. These plants have that strong lacquer solvent sharpness that I love. For a haze these plants are well-tamed, meaning they are easy for any skill level to handle, even a beginner could grow these and get fantastic sativa dominant herb at home. Expect effects that lift you up and keep you there, very energetic and uplifting, mind racy and sometimes extremely trippy. These can give a boost of energy or a blast of anxiety, so pay attention to set and setting.

An EASY haze hybrid for any skill level, a great introduction to haze genetics in hybrid form without any special difficulties!

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