Dark Horse Genetics Sagerbloom Haze F2

Dark Horse Genetics Sagerbloom Haze F2

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Dark Horse Genetics

SAGERBLOOM HAZE F2 (Super Silver Haze x Grimace OG)

Flowering Time: 8 - 10 weeks

Height: medium

Indica/Sativa: mostly Sativa

Yield: medium

6 reg seeds/ $50

Sagerbloom Haze F2 by Dark Horse Genetics is a regular seed that has its origins in the union of a Super Silver Haze and a Grimace OG. 

Sagerbloom Haze F2 develops mainly two phenotypes; the first one, more Haze style, is a tall plant that blooms in 10 weeks and the other shorter, with Purps dominance, blooms a week before. Sagerbloom Haze F2 is a very potent variety.

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