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Si28 SAFe is a silicic acid-iron complex that provides plant available silicic acid. Like other silicic acid products, it allows plants to tolerate abiotic stress such as heat and drought, and biotic stress such as mites and mildew. 

Si28 SAFe works to increase plant vigor, build stronger stems, and grow thicker leaves through increased nutrient uptake. It also tightens internodes. When used in foliar feeding, the effect of Si28 SAFe is noticeable much sooner.

Si28 SAFe Application Instructions:

Always add Si28 SAFe to clean water first, mix well before adding other nutrients or additives. Use within 2-3 days.

Root feeding: Use 0.5 ml per gallon of water for root feeding. Use through rooting period to mid bloom week. No need to use during flush.

Foliar feeding: Use up to 4 ml per gallon for foliar spray, as desired.