The Soil Makers Soil Re-Amend Kit

The Soil Makers Soil Re-Amend Kit

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For those who have multiple potted plants each year and prefer to avoid purchasing new soil annually, our recommended solution is the Soil Re-Amend Kit. To use, remove the crown from the soil, place the root balls in a large container or tarp and break them up. Then, mix all the ingredients from the kit into the soil, moisten and cover, and allow it to sit for a couple of weeks. Alternatively, to maintain living organic no-till soil, simply top-dress and cover with compost or mulch, allowing the soil to work for a few days before replanting. It's a hassle-free process!

This kit includes the following:

Fish Meal

Kelp Meal

Crab Meal


Fish Bone Meal


Alfalfa Meal



  Use 2 cups per cubic foot to reamend used soil.