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T-Dub (Twenty20 Trainwreck) X Trainwreck (Arcata Cut))

Sativa Dominant [Photo]

Filial Generation: IX

Phenotypic Variation: Very Low

Indoor Flower Time: 60-70 days

Outdoor Harvest Date: Late Sept-Early Oct

Trellising Requirements:  Maximum

Height/Stretch: above average 

Yield (per sf): high outdoors, medium indoor

Nose:  Pine Needles, lime peel, lemongrass, black pepper

6 Feminized Seeds/$70

A tried and true classic that we know very well. We started growing this cultivar as far back as 1996.  This is one of the truest versions of Trainwreck on the market today.  Plants will require adequate support and grow well with multiple layers of trellis. The finished product is well worth the effort. She finishes remarkably early for a Sativa variety, making her a perfect addition to diversify outdoor gardens.

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