Cyclones Clear King Size Rockstar Cone

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  • 1 Cone per tube. 
  • Soda pop Cola flavored. 
  • Unique clear paper made from Asiatic Cotton Mallow. 
  • 24-Piece Display Box available. 

Roll like a Rock Star! Cyclones is the leader in flavored pre-rolls, so indulge in a Cola-flavored cone with a Cyclones Clear Rockstar King Size Cone!

Cyclones Clear Cones are unique transparent pre-rolls made from a type of natural cellulose from Asiatic Cotton mallow. This lets you watch your herbs as you smoke, and see your packing job.

Rockstar cones are flavored like Cola, sweet like candy. Grab one today to give a sweet twist to your favorite smokable herbs!

Each order receives one tube containing one king size pre-rolled cone and a natural wood packing stick.