Mass Medical Strains Watermelon Hashplant

Mass Medical Strains Watermelon Hashplant

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Mass Medical Strains 

Watermelon Hashplant

Sativa Landrace: Mileche, Annapurna, Himalayas

13 Regular seeds per pack

Breeders Description: Watermelon Hashplant is a beautiful pure sativa strain collected by Bodhi Seeds in the Himalayan mountains, around 2000 meters elevation near Mileche village. He gifted me a good amount of these rare seeds with his blessing to create more seeds of them in an open pollination and release them to the public! It is with gratitude and honor that I make these available to the world once again as they have become very hard to come across. 


This pure sativa strain is absolutely phenomenal, and has very little leaf, making it an easy trim! She produces a large yield of high quality, frosty, pure sativa flowers. Growing this strain is easier than you think! Despite the 12 week flower time (although some phenotypes finished a bit faster), she is very fun and rewarding, with a flower that really stands out to connoisseurs and true canna lovers. Her vigor and stretch is amazing and she is a light feeder, meaning she will not be particularly challenging, and she can be flipped to flower as a small plant (6-10 inches tall) to achieve a 5 foot tall finished plant. This saves time in veg! Moms are very easy to keep and grow vigorously in veg, can be cut back numerous times and have very low nutritional needs, producing tons of viable clones from a small bushy plant. They also have an interesting leaf with more subtle serrations than most!


Watermelon Hashplant displays stunning foxtail structure, which is a natural feature of this plant. They are also mold resistant and hardy. This will make a fantastic breeding tool for those who are inclined to add some magic to their crosses. The aromas in this variety are truly incredible, and so hard to describe. Prominent smells of nature, accented by rich notes of tea, spices, and, yes, watermelon! As I was growing these I wondered where the watermelon terps were, until the end of flower where in the last 1-2 weeks they started getting more and more watermelon terpenes! Additionally, a pheno which smelled more like tea and spice to me, left my fingers smelling like watermelon as soon as I broke it up! The terps are in there. I also found ones which, in addition to watermelon, had more rank gnarly, nearly garlic citrus and woody tones in them, and one pheno got a really chocolatey profile to it. This gene pool is a ton of fun to explore! Many flowers get purple tones toward the end of flowering.


These plants are surprisingly easy to grow indoors (as long as you give them a very short veg period or make clones and flower them from a small height.) I highly recommend flowering them with a Metal Halide bulb, they love the UV and sunlike spectrum! They'll also do well under white LEDs if you are unable to run a bulb. I found they preferred light levels around 1000 ppfd in flower, any higher and they started to get signs of being overfed, which quality resolved when light levels were adjusted back to 1000ppfd under the Ushio DE MH bulb.